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Spa - The View Rabat
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The Maison d’Asa Spa by The View is an invitation to journey to the heart of an ancestral civilization specializing in the well-being of body and mind. Maison d’Asa begins the escapade in the discovery of traditional Moroccan treatments, passing through the land of “Jasmine” in Tunisia or voyaging further to Asia, without forgetting your ‘Passport to Bali’.

Each ritual presents itself as a pure sensory experience… The products are a paean to these countries, paying homage to these destinations.

These are natural biological treatments combining to produce effectiveness and well-being.The Maison d’Asa concept is a palette of signature treatments exclusively created for the brand. Maison d’Asa guests will face the dilemma of choosing from among the different treatments available in the ancestral rites and traditions of well-being. It offers an extensive menu of treatments and cures, all of them based on biological products of pure aromatic tones.

Featuring evocative names such as ‘Moroccan Delights, Argan Seed Facial’, ‘Melt-away Slimming Wrap based on fruit extracts’…